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How to Get a Green Card Through the Visa Program

Foreigners interested in getting the U.S. Green Card through real estate investment will find this program suitable. You can contact this nearest agency if your qualify and be educated more on the procedure. The visa program has several benefits and this service provider ease the process of applying for Visa. This is how the EB5 visa program operates:

You first consult Houston EB5. You have to reach out to this service provider and fill out the shareholder questionnaire. Houston EB5 will then book a meeting to debate your situation and issue an in-depth analysis of this process, the present project opportunities available and their regional centre. If you want to learn more about EBS eligib8ilitis, check here.

The next step is receiving a conditional green card. Skilled investors who invest through a regional centre get a conditional green card that’s justifiable for two years. You can enjoy the same advantages as other law-abiding residents such as discounts on college tuition once you receive the conditional green card. You can also enjoy travelling around the world without requiring a Visa to get back to the U.S. You can also click here for additional details about green cards. Don’t hesitate to call Houston EB5 if you have inquiries.

The third step is to apply for the permanent green card. This is where the I-829 application is filed to remove one’s conditional repute. This is the point where the regional centre is required to deliver proof on your behalf that your investment generated at least ten occupations.

The final step is receiving your permanent green card. You and your immediate loved ones become eternal green card holders and can later apply to become U.S. residents once the conditions are met at the end of the 24-month duration.

One thing about the EB-5 visa program is that it is one of the most pliable paths to a green card. You can invest in the latest or contemporary business; you’re not needed to live in the region where the investment is created, and you’re no longer required to govern your day to day business tasks. It's possible to invest in one of Houston EB5 investments projects and reside elsewhere.

Additionally, resources may come from any legal oversees or US source such as loans, divorce settlements and gifts. This program suits all, and there are eb5 investment opportunities to take advantage of.

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